Connor Ocampo

About Connor Ocampo // LGP

My name is Connor Ocampo and I am so happy you are here! Developing Live Genuine Project and watching it grow into it’s own incredible community has been a wonderful and rewarding experience to say the least.

I began this journey with a firm belief in social media’s capabilities to make a significant and positive impact in the world.

Connor OcampoThat belief paired with the idea of like-minded individuals having something tangible to hold.

Something you could wear and feel empowered by; Something that connected you to the transgender and allied community.

Thoughts Become Things

And then I thought about something as simple as a t-shirt with a strong brand to wear across the chest.

Much like armor, to brace yourself with the strength of our community or perhaps like a flag, sending a comforting signal that you are an ally.

And before long, the trans-centric (and LGBT friendly) apparel company Live Genuine Project was born!


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