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Ever think about the company that makes the shirt on your back? Yes, I’m talking about the shirt you’re wearing right now.

Do you ever wonder if that company actively supports the LGBT community? Do you ever wonder if they support LGBT employees in their workplace? How about this one … do you ever wonder if they provide funds to anti-LGBT organizations?

Yikes, right?!

We thought so, too. Our guess is that’s exactly the reason why you’re here today.

It makes sense to vote consciously with your dollars on what and who you support.

Here’s who we are…

Live Genuine Project is a trans-centric (and LGBT friendly) FTM apparel company. We are a small operation run by Connor Ocampo.

Though he is very busy working a typical 9 – 5, it has always been Connor’s passion to create and give something of value back to the transgender community. This means nights and weekends are spent working tirelessly on LGP (Live Genuine Project).

Our Community

The Live Genuine Project community has grown to be represented in several states within the US and has also touched base in Germany, Australia, and the UK!

You can check out our community by visiting @LiveGenuineProject and searching the #LiveGenuineProject hashtag on Instagram.

If you’re already an LGP supporter who has purchased our merch, be sure to tag us so we can repost your smiling faces on our social media accounts!

We hope to continue to be a positive influence in the LGBT community for years to come!

Featured Products

FTM Aparrel

It all started with an idea of individuals having something tangible to hold. Something you could wear and feel empowered by. Something that connected you to the community so that when you wear our shirts, you feel the energy of us all.

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